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Premiums and incentives during the pandemic

With face-to-face meetings, be it conferences/exhibitions, seminars, or sales calls being essentially non-existent during the restrictions that COVID-19 has imposed on us, one may question why, without these “close encounters” of normal business, whether premiums and incentives (or promo items) are even necessary?

We would like to offer several reasons as to why they may be even more important for your business during this crazy time.

  1. Corporate Loyalty and Gifting are even more important now, that you may not see your best clients as frequently. That corporate lunch is gone, the visit to the tradeshow booth is virtual and thanking your loyal client for choosing you is as important as ever. With the upcoming holiday season, transfer that lunch budget to send your client a thoughtful, sometimes personalized gift to thank them for their support. You will keep them top of mind, and show them your appreciation at the same time. Leapfrog can source gifts from $3 to $300 that will be elegant, personalized and of utmost quality. Some ideas are glassware, clothing, technology, or luggage.

  2. Brand development and awareness are important anytime. Get your name out there with staff clothing, headwear, or anything your client/prospect may keep in front of them for an extended period. We personally have had great success with water bottles (environmentally, much better than single use plastics), shirts and hats, as well as any office-related gear that will be visible for extended periods of time on your clients desk.

  3. Event Support - Even though most events are postponed for the immediate future. We have had the opportunity to support several virtual conferences with branded gear. In one, the organizers allowed sponsors to contribute a branded item to a “gift box” that every delegate received prior to the event. The cost of fulfillment and distribution was easily covered due to the reduction in event space rental for the organizer… and who doesn’t like a “swag bag”? Some products that we had sourced for our clients were again, water bottles, face masks and UV cell phone sanitizers.

  4. Pandemic-related products are timely and relative right now. Leapfrog can source a custom-designed background screen for your Zoom call and video conferencing meetings… so that your clients will see your brand throughout the call, rather than your taste in interior décor, your preference for romance novels that are on your book shelf, or your cat grooming herself in the background. We also have access to a variety of branded facemasks, distancing signage, hand sanitizer and even the aforementioned UV cell phone sanitizer.

We have relationships with suppliers that ship from within Canada, or the U.S., thus reducing shipping charges and duties. Reach to discuss some ideas, or for a competitive quote if you know what you want.

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